Let’s Explore America #3

Matrix of Liberty

With all the turmoil and frustration going on these days about how to save our beloved Republic, people are asking “how do we get back on track?”  IF ONLY our forefathers had left us a road map illustrating their successful birth and nurturing of a free society, a description of the secret sauce, a list of ingredients required to maintain their success – the only recipe for freedom that has ever worked in the history of mankind, bringing more prosperity and freedom to more people all over the world than any other system ever devised.  How exactly did they do what they did????  How can we follow in their footsteps?
Well, what if I told you they DID leave us a road map?  They left us the formula for current and future generations to follow in order to keep Liberty alive in the form of a gigantic 81-foot monument commonly referred to as the “Matrix of Liberty” and officially named the National Monument to the Forefathers.  Bet you’ve never heard of it . .  .
Inscribed on the stone: “Thus out of small beginnings greater things have been produced by His hand that made all things of nothing and gives being to all things that are; and as one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled hath shown unto many, yea in some sort to our whole nation; let the glorious name of Jehovah have all praise.”    ~  Gov. William Bradford
It was built in the late 1800s in Plymouth, Massachusetts and paid for by the US Congress and the State Legislature of Massachusetts.  It is the largest free-standing granite monument in the country and was created as a reminder of how Liberty was built should we ever lose our way based on the diary entries from Gov. Bradford, and yet few of us have ever heard of it, which might explain our current state of affairs.
The original design was intended to be 150 feet, just short of the height of the Statue of Liberty, but the monument’s height was reduced during the Civil War when money was scarce.  This stunning monument sits atop a hill about a mile from Plymouth harbor.  Back in the day, it must have been an impressive sight for miles around, but trees have grown up over the years so it is not visible anymore until you are almost on top of it.
Michigan Sen. Patrick Colbeck beautifully describes our roadmap:
“The monument consists of a 45-ft high octagonal shaft of rusticated granite blocks topped by a huge allegorical figure representing FAITH, a 36-ft high female figure standing at the top of the monument with her left foot resting on Plymouth Rock.  She holds a copy of the Geneva Bible (the Bible of the pilgrims) in her left hand and points toward heaven with her right hand.  The pages of the Bible are opened up which symbolizes that it was frequently read.  All of the other figures at the base of the monument are tied to Faith.
“On the northeast side of the base is a seated female figure called MORALITY.  She is dressed in long robes and holds the Ten Commandments and the Scroll of Revelation in her hands.  She has no eyes because she is looking inward.  It represents the journey towards morality that is an internal struggle rooted in the word of God.  It reflects on how American society is based on an internal desire to do what is right rather than having to be forced to do what is right by a King.
“On the northwest side of the base is a seated male figure representing LAW.  He is dressed in classical robes and holds a tablet in his left hand representing civil law needed to provide order.  His right hand is extended in mercy, depicting that this civil law was built upon mercy and grace.
“On the southwest side of the base is a seated female representing EDUCATION.  With her right hand she points to a book of knowledge that she holds in her left hand.  She has trained her children in the way they should go.  The statue conveys that is was the PARENTS’ responsibility to educate our youth.  Knowledge was passed down from generation to generation.  Our elders and ancestors are represented by a small carving under which the word Wisdom is shown holding a copy of the Ten Commandments and an open Bible.
“On the southeast side of the base is my favorite:  LIBERTY MAN!  He is a strapping young man clothed as a Centurion holding a sheathed sword across his lap signifying his readiness to do battle if needed.  Broken chains in his left hand and at his feet signify he has broken the chains of bondage.  He has the skin of a lion he killed draped across his shoulders, signifying the death of the Monarchy.  Liberty Man conquered tyranny and sits confidently on a throne of victory, looking out – keeping watch – at the surrounding countryside.
“So the formula for America’s success is represented in this monument – Faith, Morality, Law, Education and Liberty.  This formula starts with faith.  Our faith guides the development of an internal morality of heart.  This morality reveals itself as a standard of good and bad.  It is this standard that results in a moral system of law that enforces order and extends grace.  It is education that it supposed to teach these principles to future generations so that we may continue to live in freedom.”
This formula enabled the pilgrims to create out of a wilderness the most free and prosperous nation in human history.
To learn more about the Matrix of Liberty and see it in all its splendor, watch Kirk Cameron’s DVD “Monumental” which is spell-binding and a great educational resource for your families.  It tells the story of how the Pilgrims came to be, what they went through for 12 years of struggle and separation before they risked everything to climb into boats to set sail for America.   You can also visit the website, www.matrixofliberty.com.